Monday, February 8, 2016

Masked Rider Kuuga 23-25 V3 (+15,16,22 V3.2) Release

 Sorry again for the delay.  The translation issue that caused me to leave 23-25 out of the last release persisted as I looked around for a second opinion on it.  In came @WeeaboShogun on twitter, who agreed to look it over and came with a decision everyone was happy with.

And since this was late, decided to piggyback some ...V3.2s(?) to the release.
15 - Added some missing lines, changed the wording of a scene, and added subs for what the Gouram is saying.
16 - changed the wording of a line that was bothering me.
 22 - Added subs for what Gouram is saying

Translation - Zetta
Additional Translation - Bergelmir & Weeaboo Shogun
Timing - Corin
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - ARDM, UK Windom Anon, Starseeker

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