Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kuuga 6-10 Blu Ray Edition

The Edge of Green

MKV Folder: MEGA Folder
MP4 Folder: MEGA Folder
Scripts: MEGA link
Grongi Scripts: MEGA link
Patches: MEGA link

 Translation - HeatMetal
Additional Translation - Bergelmir
Timing - Corin
Typesetting - Tokugami
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - Jeeg, WeeaboShogun, Tom Constantine & Starseeker


Because they're literally speaking gibberish on screen.  Their dialogue in the show is a cipher of the Japanese language, so we have subbed their dialogue in a cipher of the English language.

We have provided a plain English translation of the Grongi dialogue as an optional second subtitle track on the .mkv files.  We strongly urge you to not turn this on during your first viewing as the Grongi infrequently drop huge pieces of spoilery information that the audience isn't supposed to know, but also serves to illuminate aspects of the show and its mythology for repeat viewings.

As I explained HERE with the release of episodes 6-10 of the Blu Ray edition, episodes 6-10 of the DVD releases have been retired. The files have been deleted from our MEGA folders.  They will not go back up.

Releases depend entirely on when my buddy who tl checks and my typesetter buddy have enough free time to work on them.  They have real lives and are doing this just as a favor to me, so it'll happen when it happens, sorry.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kuuga 1-5 Blu Ray Edition

A Blazing Revival

Yo, sorry (again), lots of IRL stuff happening. Was going to wait until we had more episodes to do a batch or something, but figure why wait?  I guess I'll do 5 episode chunks as that's what our typesetter is aiming for.

edit:  Files have been updated with slightly tweaked typesetting.

MKV Folder: MEGA Folder
MP4 Folder: MEGA Folder
Scripts: MEGA link
Grongi Scripts: MEGA link
Patches: MEGA link

As I explained HERE with the release of episodes 1-5 of the Blu Ray edition, episodes 1-5 of the DVD releases have been retired. The files have been deleted from our MEGA folders.  They will not go back up. 

 Translation - HeatMetal
Additional Translation - Bergelmir
Timing - Corin
Typesetting - Tokugami
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - Jeeg, WeeaboShogun, Tom Constantine & Starseeker

As for the Kuuga DVD v3 batch 3?  We're still waiting on signs.  Same deal as my last update, we're waiting on WeeabooShogun/Sailor Otaku to get back to us with sign translations.  As you know, he's in the midst of working on his own fansubs of Solbrain right now, as well as some IRL issues, so he's been feeding me the signs very slowly on his own time. I will in all honesty, probably have to start releasing episodes from the v3 batch as single DDLs and make a torrent batch later if this continues. 


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Masked Rider ZX Special v2.7 (UPDATED)

Not actually in the script. If I dont mention it now then someone will bring it up, I just know it.

Hey. Sorry this is overdue by... TWO YEARS? Wow. Well fuck me, sorry.  I was basically waiting on jeeg to look this over but as you know, he just kept getting busier and busier and busier so it never happened and I took that as an excuse to get lazy.

Why now though? Well a combination of waiting on some files to keep working on the Kuuga BDs, something big happening with jeeg irl that'll take him off the table for a while, but the biggest thing is having recently found out about the Delta Subs release that came out in the meantime and being informed by our friends at LoveXCare that they were in fact guess subs based on HKs, well that emboldened me to release an actual version with non poop video and get it out there. (hurray run on sentences!)

Translation: HeatMetal
Timing: Gunlord
Editing: Kilo
Raws: Bunnyhat
Special Thanks: Zetta for tling the v1, of which very little remains

edit: made a v2.5 to fixed some typos.
edit 2: Made a v2.7 to fix an error I didnt fix in the Kamen Script of the v2.5
Patches will be provided

MKV Torrent:
MP4 (Masked) Torrent:
MP4 (Masked) DDL: MEGA link

v2.7 Script (Masked): MEGA link
v2.7 Script (Kamen): MEGA link

v2 to v2.7 patch:  MEGA link
v2 to v2.5 patch: MEGA link
v2.5 to v2.7 patch: MEGA link

If you haven't noticed yet from our Kuuga v3 filenames, it is now our strict policy that all Rider series released before Kamen Rider W will now have have the word 'Kamen' translated.. This is not up for debate, we will not hear any arguments over this.  BUT, given stuff like the KITsubs release and Generation Kikaida V3 DVDs, we've put in a 2nd sub stream in the .mkv you can toggle to have all the Henshins, Kamens and japanese name orders you want.  Don't expect this for everything though.

Monday, July 18, 2016



A kind soul uploaded them to ADC and our beloved spiritual sister, Bunnyhat, is making raws with them and directly uploading to our ftp as she goes! She is truly going above and beyond, going as far as to actively use the BD footage to reconstruct certain special features.

With the current lull in working on DVD Batch 3  (my friend in Kobe who was translating the signs quit on me so I'm asking weeaboo shogun to help out but we'll have to wait for him to get free time), I am working on applying our subs on the blu ray raws.

So some important things to note:
-We won't be doing a torrent *just* yet, but I will be making a new MEGA folder as I upload them.

-We have decided to retire the DDLs for the DVD releases and will be slowly phasing then out (ie. When the MKV and MP4 of episode 1 BD goes up, I will take down ep 1 DVD, and so on)

-We have FINALLY recruited a typesetter. So the Blu Ray releases will actually have competent typesetting :V

-Regarding the ep 1&2 "movie": We just got this timed. Don't expect it until after DVD batch 3 is out and work on DVD Batch 4 begins.
EDIT: Our original translator, Zetta, has agreed to very briefly come out of retirement to tl this once he finishes an important move in the coming months!

-Regarding the special features:
I can promise without hesitation that we will be doing the Battle Selections as well as as many promos as possible and the creditless OP/ED videos.
We will, sadly, most likely not be doing the interviews or the data files as I don't think any of the tls I know would have the patience to do them. Not for free anyway.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kuuga 1-25 v3 Batch Torrent

Only minor tweaks made, if you have bandwidth limits dont bother with this if you have the old ones unless you want to help me seed this! :)

Regarding the grongi subs:
First sub file has the grongi language in a subtitled cipher you can crack if you wish, the 2nd sub file has the grongi language in plain english. The grongi subs do contain spoilers for future events and are recommended for people who have completed the series who want a slightly different experience during a rewatch.  The hardsubs are the former by default to remove any change of accidental spoilers

EDIT: I've been told the signs in the 60fps file are way off center, HERE are corrected scripts with the signs centered.  The script folders below have been updated with these script.

DDLs - MEGA folder
Torrent -

60fps MKVs
DDLs - MEGA folder
Torrent -

DDLs - MEGA folder
Torrent -

Regular DVD
Grongi subbed DVD
60fps DVD
60fps Grongi subbed DVD

Translation - HeatMetal (1-12, All Grongi) & Zetta (13+)
Additional Translation - Bergelmir
Timing - Corin
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - Jeeg, WeeaboShogun, Tom Constantine & Starseeker

Regarding the next batch:
As for the 26-38 batch, Bergelmir is still going over the files I sent him and I don't think heat will get to me about the grongi subs at least until Amazons is done (which is less than a month, so that'll be our best case scenario)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kamen Rider Stronger 32-39 Batch + NEWS


I'm gonna level with you, the full v2 batch of Stronger isn't coming anytime soon.  The main thing holding us up is a member of our team being very busy with other sub projects as well as IRL stuff.  But it's been put off so much, I figure you at the very least deserve batches for the eps that up to now only had DDLs and individual torrents.  Yeah, I know, too little too late. But here.

MKV Torrent -
MP4 Torrent -

DDLs and Scripts have been up on our Download page for the past year -


Our Downloads page has been completely overhauled in terms of content.  What you see is what we intend to keep alive. As such:
- We've dropped all support for our Kabuto scrubs. This includes the Decade two parter. 
- We're dropping DDL support for Abaranger (aside from the Deka vs movie since that is a collaboration with Over-Time, who is subbing Dekaranger), but will keep the torrent as alive as possible since, whatever personal issues happened between us, I stand by Magenta's work on the series and want to not let those files die.  So if anyone wants to check them outm they can.
- I'm putting Sharivan back up on our MEGA.

Kuuga v3
Two things:
- Batch 3 is at the penultimate stage before release, this may take a while due to Bergelmir and HeatMetal's personal schedules, but I will endeavor to make the wait as short as possible once they hand in their part to me.
- I have gone over the scripts for 1-25 again to make them consistent with any changes we made in 26-38.  I am waiting on ONE line to be discussed between our translators before I make a full half series batch for Kuuga.

ZX v2
 Only thing keeping this from happening is the return of the teammate we're waiting for on Stronger

v2s (for video quality) straight up will not happen unless someone gives BunnyHat some DVD9 rips for this series

- Hybrid Insector is considered dead until a friend of ours pops back up who hasnt been on skype for literally years.  I'm kind of worried abotu him.
- SPIRITS is still on hold until I can get someone from Happy Scans to ok the project.

So despite all these delays, I do in fact have some secret projects.  Project Alpha and Heta which will be released under the MCS banner, and Project Chi which I will be assisting another group with.  Projects will be kept secret so as to not cause undue anticipation and to not distract from our main projects.  If you follow me on twitter, you can probably guess what 2 of these projects are anyway.  But if you want a hint:
1 of these projects is a complete resub of a series completed by another group, will be done in a batch. I wouldnt expect this anytime soon.
1 of these is a very short project that is less than an hour and only needs to be QCd
1 of these is a series that has not been fully subbed.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Masked Rider Kuuga 23-25 V3 (+15,16,22 V3.2) Release

 Sorry again for the delay.  The translation issue that caused me to leave 23-25 out of the last release persisted as I looked around for a second opinion on it.  In came @WeeaboShogun on twitter, who agreed to look it over and came with a decision everyone was happy with.

And since this was late, decided to piggyback some ...V3.2s(?) to the release.
15 - Added some missing lines, changed the wording of a scene, and added subs for what the Gouram is saying.
16 - changed the wording of a line that was bothering me.
 22 - Added subs for what Gouram is saying

Translation - Zetta
Additional Translation - Bergelmir & Weeaboo Shogun
Timing - Corin
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - ARDM, UK Windom Anon, Starseeker

Links removed for being outdated, go here for new ones -