Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Masked Rider Kuuga 1-12 V3 Release

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Well this took way too fucking long to happen, didn't it?  Seems that in the past... years (holy shit) that the Kuuga rerelease project was being planned out, due to various reasons it always boiled down to me looking over the first 6 eps over and over and over.  So not only getting past those first 6 eps, but the first 12 is a big step that can't be overstated.  If all goes we'll be done in a year!

I truly cannot thank all the people who assisted with this project enough.  Each one has gone above and beyond in every way.

Translation - HeatMetal
Translation Assistance - Bergelmir
Timing - Corin
Editing, typesetting & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - Jeeg, starseeker

Grongi language is fully translated, although it is in code.  I am not providing a translation of the code yet as knowing what the grongi say will spoil major plot developments for first timers.  I will more than likely do a dual sub release later on.

Cipher is by the person who made the Overlord language cipher for Aesir's Gaim subs.  She decided to experiment a bit so it's not quite a 1 to 1 cipher.  So have fun decoding it![/actually not sarcasm].  Feel free to post your results in the comments if you wish.

edit: OK, YOUR COMPLAINTS HAVE BECOME ANNOYING ENOUGH TO MERIT AN OFFER!  If someone can crack the grongi code, and post it here in the comments or send it to me on twitter (@UselessMoron), I will post the grongi translated scripts here.  Best compromise you're going to get out of me.  SO GET CRACKING!!!

edit2: @jonrainer on twitter has successfully cracked the grongi code, so I have edited it the grongi tld scripts!

I am not a typesetter, I have no experience with it.  I have never purported to have experience in it.  But the fact of the matter is that no one I knew with the ability to typeset well was available to help me period.  So I had to make do.  A few friends were able to provide me with some templates and advice but again, I have less than zero experience with this.  So I truly apologize for the sloppy nature of some of these signs, hopefully it does not detract from your enjoyment of the series.

Important backstory some of you may not know:
When the founders of MCS released the V1s back in the day, they started from episode 13 as another group (SCS-Works) had released the first 12 eps.  When the series was fully translated there was a demand for these first 12 eps to be retranslated, but having just released almost 40 eps in a matter of weeks, Zetta, the translator said 'fuck no' and with no recourse Abi just grabbed SCS' release, slapped them onto some HK timing and released it as their own. (Yes, I did indeed do this. I personally blame burnout all around (Note to all subs groups out there now and groups that may form in the future, do not sub what amounts to more then an episode a day, with a peak of SEVEN in one day for a month straight if you have any plans of doing subbing long term.) and the fact that out of the original three members, only Ryoma doesn't count as a sociopath. -Abi.)

The problem (aside from the sketchy nature of the act itself which I'm not even going to begin to defend) was that SCS-Works apparently were a fraudulent fansub group. (Whoops! -Abi.) Several of our acquaintances in the toku fansubbing community have looked over the scripts and informed us that they are without a doubt HK fixes.  Now with these being the first 12 eps and the first almost everybody would watch, well you can see how this would taint the way people perceived the rest of the series, assuming that if the first 12 eps were a fraud then the entire project is one as well. 

I guess in a sense we brought this on ourselves, even despite well respected people in the community vouching for the subs for episodes 13 and up, the stench of the accusation is something that many a troll would hang onto as a way to cheapen the achievements and dedication of the founders of MCS.

Hopefully having the first 12 eps translated by an outside and very well respected source will be the first step to having that put to rest.  If not that's up to you, but just don't be a jerk about it is all I can ask.


  1. Thanks for the updated subs and video encoding. Kind of confused why you're putting in a new sub release cycle when V2 never finished, and such. I'm... not interested in all at doing a cypher or fixing it, not sure why you're just not doing the dual sub option.

    Also, I just watched episode 12 last night in my rewatch of Kuuga. Wish I'd waited a week then. Ah, well.

    1. If someone can break the code on their own, I will post the scripts with the Grongi in English. Best you're going to get out of me, so hope someone gets cracking

  2. Thanks for all your hard work on my favorite Kamen Rider series! Lot's of love and respect for everything you guys do!

  3. Is v3 of kuuga episodes hardsubbed?

    1. We are making hardsubs but keep in mind those will only have the scrambled grongi, not the translated grongi. So as to not spoil new viewers.