Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quick Update on Things

Yo, Kilo here.  I know it's been a while so I'm giving you folks some updates.

 Let me get a big one out of the way, due to a combination of priorities and just a lack of storage space on our accounts and whatnot WE WILL NO LONGER BE KEEPING THE LINKS TO ULTRAMAN (1966) ACTIVE
This includes all of our DDLs and out ability to seed the torrents.  We will still keep the torrent up on our nyaa account so if any fans out there want to seed it for their fellow fans, please feel free to do so.  But we will not.  THIS ALSO APPLIES TO OUR SCRUB PROJECTS (KABUTO/DEN-O/THAT ONE EPISODE OF DECADE).

- We are aware that there is a new, not horrible raw for Ryuki vs Agito, expect a v3 to go up soon after this post.

- Our joint release of Dekaranger vs Abaranger is on OT's irc bot for quick downloading.

Kuuga V3s - ACTUALLY BACK ON TRACK, EXPECT A BATCH OF THE FIRST DOZEN EPISODES WITHIN A MONTH. I AM NOT SHITTING YOU.  Subsequent batches will hopefully come out soon after and we can get this show done in v3 format before the new Star Wars comes out.

Stronger v2s -Waiting on timers to finish up.  Then it's on jeeg to make all the edits that have been bugging him.

Da-Garn v2s - Not happening until we get DVD raws.  If someone would like to share, please let us know.

ZX v2 - waiting on jeeg

Hybrid Insector - I'm gonna call this one dead, guy who disappeared with all the material to finish the series doesn't seem to be coming back.  Guess all we can do is appreciate what could have been, much like Hybrid Insector itself.

Kamen Rider SPIRITS - HappyScans won't return my messages.  That is literally the only thing stopping the project from continuing.

Ultraman Tiga v2 - waiting on timer

SECRET PROJECT A - Not dead now.  Will be progressing in secret to ensure no hiccups occur and that if it dies again no one will be unduly disappointed.


  1. Any chance you could re-up the torrent for the few episodes of Space Sheriff Gavan? If not maybe just the scripts?

  2. Well that's just great. Now episodes 25 and 34 of Ultraman are just stuck at 97.8% for me. If someone could seed the rest of those episodes specifically I could seed em for the rest of time, so I'll hold out for that. Someone will do the right thing and seed them.

  3. Ultraman is dead on torrents, PLEASE SEED.