Sunday, November 2, 2014


The Long Road is finally over*

Meant as a grand finale to the Kamen Rider series pending the Skyrider reboot (which was scrapped).  This would still be the last time we'd see some of the actors who portrayed these classic characters.  To say nothing of Tachibana Tobei, portrayed by the incomparable Akiji Kobayashi who left the franchise after this finale after a whopping SIX YEARS of involvement in front of the camera.

*aside from the v2s of eps 2-21

The big final batch will wait for when  these v2s are over.

We here at MCS extend our sincerest gratitude to our friends at KITsubs and Over-Time, who went above and beyond the call of duty to make this project continuing to it's conclusion a reality.

MKV torrent
Patch MEGA link
MP4 MEGA link
Script MEGA link

Now without further ado, here are the BIG FINAL STAFF CREDITS (in no particular order):

sky79 - Timing & Lead Translation episodes 23-39, translation checking for 1-22 v2s
HeatMetal - Translation checking for last dozen or so episodes
Sjutton - Lead Translator for episodes 2-22
Steel A Jeeg - Lead Editor for post-sjutton eps, occasional timer
Mystery - Timing for sjutton eps
Ryoma - Editing for first half dozen eps
Abigail - Editor for first half of series, occasional timer
Zetta - Translation checker for episode 1 and first few post Sjutton episodes.
Kilo - Project Organizer**, distro & Editing
Bunny Hat - DVD Encoder, timing assistance
Sandy & Champstice - Timers for v2s of episodes 2-21

**(because jeeg didn't want the job :V)

I believe that is everyone.  Also special thanks to:

Momo - Of the now defunct TokuRawRevolution for making our original raws
Sinistar - Translation of the DFF version of Stronger episode 1 who never had a problem with us referring to his site for people who wanted to see the first episode prior to us releasing it
Ignis - Helping us reorganize our project and keeping jeeg and heat in line :V
Igadevil - For his wonderful series of Tackle Week articles that he wrote as a result of a request of mine

I've also requested that the entire staff write a few words in regards to their thoughts on the series and working on this project:  They will be moved to a seperate post since this one is getting long enough as it is.

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  1. Well allow me to be the first person to say a big congratulations to everybody involved for finally completing the Stronger series, but more importantly, a massive THANK YOU for giving me and others the opportunity to see it all the way through - it's been a fun ride!

    I gather from the way your post is worded, there are no plans to include the "All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!" TV special that aired a week after the last episode? A shame but understandable I guess.

    In any case, thank you everyone. My appreciation of all you've done should not be underestimated! :)