Monday, November 3, 2014

Meditations on a Strong Man...

Since this is the last episode of a series that has taken years to release, I asked (or attempted to anyway)  pretty much every person who was involved in this project if they'd like to say a few words regarding their thoughts on this series and working on it.  So without further ado:

HeatMetal - Founder of Over-Time, Translation checking for last dozen or so episodes, Coolest Dude in Town
stronger is good even though his costume is weird

Steel A Jeeg - KITsubs co-founder, Lead Editor for post-sjutton eps, occasional timer, old person
"Jeeg may have won the battle, but the war still rages on. Onward down the endless road of battle."

sky79 - Timing & Lead Translation episodes 23-39, translation checking for 1-22 v2s
Something about Stronger? Hmmm.. actually I think it's one of the borest KR series. Especially in the middle, when they revived Titan. But on the other hand, it shows some good scenes, when "villians" are fighting (or at least they try) between themselves for the position they have (or which they could have). I was disappointed when they showed Tachibana as comic chara. .mean, he doesn't deserve it. He is someone, who fought with all Riders after all, so I thouhgt it's somehow

And Shigeru .. he alone is a chara, I wasn't sure how I should feel about at beginning. Sure, he is hero, who protects the world, but the way he uses is a little too "showy". Like he thinks, no one is better than him. But there is something heroic about him. Would you be able to remodel yourself for the sake of your friend? Or something else? He threw all his life away, since the result was him being a cyborg. What could mean, he is immortal in some sense. So he lives forever, even when all his friends or people he knows aren't here.

And in the end, he stays alone. That's sad, don't you think? I think, the decision to remodel oneself takes courage to do it. In the end, when I knew the actor is dead, I've started to like him. Because, we will never see him like that. The actor is dead. In the last episodes, he was similing so brightly and happy, that I could only cry. We will never see that smile again. And the feeling which he gave with his smile at that time was really nice for me.

What I am thankful for is, that this serie brought all the Riders together. This is something I like. I still think the Riders are living in one universe so they should know each other. Going Fighting only alone is something I don't prefer. Showing, that there are others fighting with you for the same goal, is the thing I imagine, when I hear the word "Rider".

About Yuriko. I was crying when she died. Really.  It was such sad ending. And something I thought it's useless. Why couldn't she stay alive? It would be nice to see, how are both of them living after the end. Happily ever after? Or living apart, and remembering the fights they fought together? Since they both liked each other, is there a way they could have lived together? This we will never know.

 I'm not sure if I said everything I wanted I've never thought about talking about it

Abigail - MCS co-founder, Editor for first half of series, occasional timer
I truly enjoyed this series. A fun main characer, fun villians, and silly Showa plots come together in a good way and puts this up there with Black as my favorite Showa Kamen Rider series.

It was fun working on what little I actually did to help sub Stronger (which really wasn't much at all to be honest), and I hope you all had as much fun watching it.

I want to give a special thanks to Jeeg and the KitSubs guys for helping us finish this after real life happened. You guys are amazing.

So with that, I end this post of my thoughts that no one actually cares about with this.

RIP Titan and Shadow, you were too good for this world and I really wish you would have got to fight with each other the entire series. Finally, may Stronger continue to fuck with people forever more.

Zetta - MCS Co-Founder. Belgian, Translation checker for episode 1 and first few post Sjutton episodes.
Stronger is a cool guy and I'm happy he's completely subbed.

Ryoma - Editing for first half dozen eps, All around Deutschbag
I never thought I'd see the day where Stronger is fully subbed... also screw you, Cas.

Sandy - Timer involved with v2s of episodes 2-21
As a series, Stronger has a dedicated spot among my favorites of the Showa era. As a hero, Shigeru has a dedicated spot among my favorites, ever. Stronger is an exciting, emotional ride, from beginning to end, and I’m beyond thrilled that it’s finally been completed for everyone else to enjoy. Soar through the sky! 

Bunny Hat - DVD Encoder, timing assistance, master of DVDs

[Don't really have anything to say] other than how much I hate it when Toei uses laser-disc masters for DVD releases.

Kilo - Project Organizer, distro & Editing, useless
I can almost remember it like it was last month when Abi was talking to me about stuff he had going on and I offered to help with a certain project that was giving him minor technical headaches.  I didn't really know what Kamen Rider was aside from references in Kururu Gunsu.  But I just fell in love with the persona of Jo Shigeru.  The actor portraying him had this (to use a now overused phrased), arrogant swagger that exuded strength and confidence.  Along with delightful side characters like Tackle and Tachibana and over the top villains like MISTER TITAN, it started me on this path to obsession with tokusatsu, kamen rider and fansubbing.

I've made friends, I've lost friends, I've lost sleep, I've laughed and cried.  I'm not sure if I'd do it all over again, but I'd definitely be drawn to and etertained by Stronger no matter how my life turned out.

I'm extremely thankful to everyone who... well "assisted" is too light a word to describe all the manhours and effort put into this project, but I'm happy to have known them all and that in the end it wasn't all for nothing and that now lots of people can potentially enjoy this show as much as I did!

Champstice - Timer involved with v2s of episodes 2-21, Irish Person
Stronger is a show of firsts: First time a rider had a powered-up form, as opposed to just having a sound effect play. First time the antagonists truly fought amongst each other, as opposed to the occasional internal quarrel that usually ended with an evil character that appeared only in that episode being killed off. And the first time we had a female Kamen Rider (Frankly, SPIRITS only explained why she wasn't considered a Kamen Rider after she died, not why she wasn't considered one while alive).

At the same time, it's full of the same spirit and energy that makes Kamen Rider so enjoyable to watch. At least to me anyway. I hope everyone that's been watching Stronger since it was first picked up by MCS truly enjoys watching it's finale. And to those of you that plan to watch it at some point, whether it's soon or not for ages:

Honestly, you're in for a treat.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work on Kamen Rider Stronger.

    Also, are you guys going to resume subbing Space Sheriff Gavan in the future? Lots of people want to see that continued.

  2. Thank you for all your hard work on Kamen Rider Stronger!

  3. Thank you so much for this Series