Friday, August 29, 2014

Black manga volume 6 (END)


So this was actually done a while and even got released on parts of the internet but because of a stupid communication breakdown I wasn't aware it was done and our buds at Happy Scans thought I was informed.  But in any case it's here!

Credit to our buddies at Happy Scans, our tl the RedHood and our qc Spaceship Bruce.

*Please note though that this project is from a translation of the chinese edition of the Black manga, so names being different and such are a result of this.*

Also yes this does mean that SPIRITS is now relatively closer to coming out.  Aesir's own Alkaid has just finished QCing the v2 for volume 8.  HappyScans has decided to take a breather from Kamen Rider after this, but rest assured I will be all up on their asses once that break is over.

Stronger 36

Jo's Magnetic Personality Was His Downfall
The Delza Army starts getting desperate as riders starts coming out of the woodwork!

Thanks as always to our buds at KITSubs also to the ever suffering Ignis for lightening jeeg's load.

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