Thursday, February 20, 2014

Black manga volume 5

I can't really describe it, but there's something I find almost hypnotic about this image...


Our typesetter was having computer problems but I guess he got around that?  I honestly wasn't expecting this to be ready so soon.


Credit to our buddies at Happy Scans, our tl the RedHood and our qc Spaceship Bruce.

*Please note though that this project is from a translation of the chinese edition of the Black manga, so names being different and such are a result of this.*

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kuuga V...2s 1-5

Ok so I'm gonna level with you, the v3s have been hinging on certain people doing me favors, which because of IRL issues aren't going to be happening anytime soon.

BUT because I know you all hate the original raw quality I can't leave you all hanging.  So I'll be going over everything we have, touching them up and releasing remuxes with the new raws from Bunny Hat.

Because these favors fell through... there will be no sign or grongi text translation after a certain point (episode 1 for signs and like ep 5 or 6 for grongi).  I really have no excuses to give in my defense, I just hope this will work as a consolation.

I will be doing these fixes, tweakings and remuxes whenever I have free time from work and be continually updating the folder (so keep an eye on this post every few days so as not to flood anyone's feeds I'll be editing this post every time a new ep goes up).