Monday, May 20, 2013

Stronger 32


I really like Baron Rock :)

As always we offer everything up to and including our blood in gratitude to jeeg, sky & heat.

MKV torrent
MP4 2.0 MEGA link
Script MEGA link

File is also up on


  1. Any word about the next volume of Black?

  2. Still waiting on MP4 link for Stronger 31 and 32

  3. I'm gonna be a nut and comment on something to do with this actual post: I love Baron Rock's kansai(?) dialect.

  4. I agree with Anon #2...I understand that things get in the way (wasn't long ago that I was having to deal with finals, etc. myself), but I hope that there are still plans for mp4 releases this far into the series.

  5. Hey, bunny hat raws released the 10-bit version of Kuuga. Will you guys do a new batch?

  6. Wow that's quite a jump in file size for the MP4: from 195MB on ep. 31 to 300MB on ep. 32!

    Any particular reason for the larger size? I had no problems downloading ep. 31 from MEGA but it doesn't seem to want to let me download ep. 32, and I wonder if the size is the reason for it?

  7. Zelalem B - *sigh* well our new timer for Kuuga is actually almost completely done with the series. I'm looking into getting a tl checker for kuuga eps 1-12. And anyone who's following jeeg on twitter knows he's currently busy with IRL stuff. But knock on wood, I sure as hell hope the v3s can live again.

    Anon #4: Holy shit you are right, I'll get on fixing this.

  8. anyone able to seed kamen rider stronger ep 32 and 39? would really appreciate it. missing ep 32 and 39