Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stronger 31

Proof that vegetables both can and WILL save your life from cyberdemons


Been a while huh?  Sorry about that, though HeatMetal's a little bit busy right now he DID however tl check up to 35 (where a certain beloved character makes his debut in this series)

MKV torrent
MKV - MEGA link
MP4 - MEGA link

Files are also up on soon


  1. Whoa! I'd thought this to be the sorta not-dropped that never *quite* gets gotten back to. More Stronger's definitely a welcome sight. I'd so have used the scene where he says "It's your old friend, Jo Shigeru!" as the image, though.

  2. Ah, thank goodness for more Stronger! I'm glad you guys are still working to hammer this one out- it's turned into one of my favourite Kamen Rider series, right up there with Kuuga and Black. Keep on Truckin' guys and gals! Your efforts are always appreciated!

  3. Thank you for continuing this.

  4. there will be an mp4 right? I will wait patiently

  5. I will second that wish. Great to see more Stronger but I hope MCS haven't abandoned the MP4 hardsubs (though I don't see why they WOULD, at this point in the series.) These things just take time, I guess.