Monday, December 10, 2012

Da-Garn 36 -

This episode, the tree-hugging goes into full swing, young boys swim naked in the sea, and we get a big chunk of backstory. On the bright side, Seiji gets to take a pee without endangering the planet. For once.

So... we've caught up with kou's translation.  Please bear with us, I have the utmost faith in Kou and the continuation of this project.  But till then We hope this episode will tide you over.

Here's some new links

MKV - MEGA link
MP4 - MEGA link


  1. I have the certitude that Da Garn WILL be finished some day, so no worries.

    I just hope that Kou managed to read Gunlord's comment...

    - KudosForce

  2. ty for u awesome subs, happy news year!!
    May I ask something?
    can u reupload kamen rider kuuga script pack cuz ddl mediafire is dead, ty for u good work

  3. Thank you for the effort you've been putting to sub this series!
    Is there any way you may fix the download for the MKV version of this episode, by any chance? I tried to click on the "Mega" link, and I went to the page, but, after clicking on the button, the download just doesn't start.
    I haven't had this kind of matter with the rest of the episodes, though.