Friday, November 16, 2012

Da-Garn 32 -

I love every scene with these two characters
Basically everything I said on the last episode applies to this one.

In addition, this episode features some pretty amazing animation direction by Hiraoka Masayuki, the show's character designer. Unlike some entries in the franchise, Da Garn is not (usually) a show about bowling you over with big setpiece fights and gloriously-rendered, highly memetic stock footage -- a fact which seems to disincline a lot of people from paying attention to it.

What I love, though, is episodes like this one, where you can see they've really put the effort where it's needed for this story: rendering the small moments with a care that's rarely seen in this genre, instilling them with life, humanity, and realism in their expressions and body language.
- KouAidou 

Here's some new links

MKV - MEGA link
MP4 - MEGA link

Also on a tangential note, we'd like to really give a big ol' congrats to Kou on her bang up job translating Zyuranger!  


  1. OMG! ANOTHER DaGarn episode!!! Score!
    Are any more scripts projected soon?

  2. Well we have up until ep 36, so expect weekly releases for at least 4 more weeks. As I just edited in, Kou just finished tling Zyuranger at an amazing speed, so I'm more inclined to wait a few weeks before asking her to post up more scripts.

  3. Given that I've already said what I needed to say about Kou's contributions on GUIS, I won't repeat myself. So, I'll simply congratulate her on helping to achieve that Super Sentai milestone. :D

    In any case, I do hope you guys and Hikari-Senshi will be able to catch up on the scripts soon (provided that real-life complications don't slow things down too much). We're ever so closer to having another fully-subbed Brave series!


  4. Once a week is a good rate. Obviously you can't force it. I'm just grateful that it's still being worked on. It's true if we were to pester, Kou might not want to do it. I'll just say thanks and wait for the next then.