Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Manga volume 2 (also volume 1 v2)

Sorry for that ungodly wait, we had to get a few things sorted, but we're back along with our good buddies from HappyScans!

Also here's a v2 for volume 1, there were a few things that bugged RedHood so we got around to changing them.

Two things I want to get out of the way first:

1). We've received some complaints about the wording and overall quality of translation.  In the interest of full disclosure: after searching and searching and searching to the point where anyone would have given up, the ONLY raws for this manga we found were in chinese.  We don't really know if these are the official chinese release, a chinese fan translation or what, but out of, I guess overzealous love of Ishinomori and Rider, we went right ahead and gave it our all.  If ANYONE can hook us up with unchanged japanese scans, you're damn right we'll do it again, but for now this is what we have, we're not half assing it.

2). SPIRITS.  Ah yes, Spirits.  Now you've made me sad.  TL for volume 9 wasn't entirely pleased with qc work, so we're looking for new qcs (we've burned through a number of them) so that we can release v2s of 8 and 9, and then FINALLY release volumes 10 and 11 (which we've actually had tld #killmenow)


  1. Well, as a matter of fact, these RAWs are from the official chinese release. I own these volumes myself. The japanese version was recently reprinted, but I'm not sure about the RAWs.

    If you guys only need the japanese RAWs to do a proper translation of the original, check it:

    You have to pay for it, but it's not that expensive.

    1. Hmm, thank you for clarifying this. That gets rid of one of my major concerns (that this was a fan translation of questionable quality), if that were the case then I'd have to agree our standing is faulty. These being official chinese releases makes the need to get new raws less urgent than I initially feared.

      Thanks for that link too, I'll keep it on hand...

    2. Well, about the actual translation, I only had some issues with the names. Like the girl being named Heather, when it's Keith Christie in the japanese version. And Nobuhiko's girlfriend is not called Kasumi on the manga, but Ayumi.

    3. While Carlos is right about Kasumi's name actually being Ayumi, 'Keith Christie' is Kate Christie (ケイト・クリスティ), but definitely not Heather. And Sam's surname is really just 'Speed' (スピード)...

  2. Thanks! really, you allowed me to enjoy a work i always wanted to read, and i can't thank you enough. Only i can say you do a amazing, amazing work.

    keep the good work and be sure you made a Ishinomori fan happy ;)

  3. Wow, now this series is getting serious business. Waiting for the next volume!

  4. How many volumes are there of the Black manga?

    Just so I have an idea how much I'm waiting for, thanks.

  5. Great manga so far. I might like it better than Kamen Rider Spirits. Please, keep the good work.

  6. This is my dream coming true!
    Love this manga. Thanks, guys

  7. You have no idea how I waited for this one!

  8. When i was a child i own the 1st three volume (translation of course), never knew that it's Ishinomori works.
    Thank you guys for bring up the memories.