Friday, August 10, 2012

Stronger 28

Totally not abigail when someone complains in the comments.
The war with the Delza Army continues!  Also Division Commander Wild Eagle is a douche.

All hail Team Stronger™

MKV torrent
MKV DDL they're coming
Patch maybe tomorrow if my computer doesn't burst into flames

Also sent the mp4 and mkv to


  1. Fantastic to see another Stronger released. I sincerely thank every single person at MCS for keeping this going.

    However; please correct me if I'm being totally blind here but... did you guys miss episode 27?

  2. No.

    I just apparently forgot to tag it.

    I am stupid, you see.

  3. Ah there it is! That clears up that mystery then.

    I wouldn't say you were stupid, Abigail - we all overlook the little things now and again! ;) Hell, I should also apologise for not thinking to check every post instead of just the Stronger-tagged ones.

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work!