Friday, August 10, 2012

Da-Garn 28 -

Seiji knows exactly what genre he's in

This episode really runs the gamut between funny and sad in a way that I find very appropriate for the subject matter. I also continue to love the way they treat the ambiguity of a military occupation.

And of course, because Da Garn is all about education, we also learn a valuable lesson about the pros and cons of sticking two guns together to earn a power-up.

She sums up this show better than I ever could.

edit 2:
Here's some new links

MKV - MEGA link
MP4 - MEGA link

edit 1:
Straight from the translator:
"I'm putting up new Da Garn right now! I've got up to 32 on the blog. Barring issues and such, I'm gonna try to put up one ep a day until it's done."


  1. Thank you for the MP4! Can't wait for more stuff!

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  3. Can u reupload ep 15 to 24 in MP4 and mediafire links too, all past links are dead, thanks so much, i like this anime, Thanks, i'll be following.

  4. Ok I'm incredibly confused now. Didn't the translator say long ago that she finished translating the entire show? Or was that a rough draft without spell checking and editing?

  5. Got it in one Arshad. Technically speaking she could have handed it all over to us last year and we could have edited and released that, but she wanted to do it herself so that there'd be absolutely no mistakes on her part.

  6. Thanks for clearing that up. Good luck!

  7. pls upload more episodes.....i'm dying to watch it!