Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick update on Stronger, etc.

Sorry for lack of updates, I know this is probably tiring to hear, but stuff happens.  In any case:

- A new Aba is in the pipeline!  Episode posted
- As is a Stronger.
- Got a qc for Spirits vol 8 & 9 v2s, expect those before we even get to vol. 10
- TL for Black manga says he might tl vol. 2 soon
- TL for Insector is in the fucking wind, that's dead until we get a new tl
- France Five, Da-Garn and Gavan are stalled because of some heavy irl stuff (don't worry tl will still keep working it's the other stuff that's stalled.)
- That said we're only 2 eps away from catching up with released scripts for Da-garn and ending up in a hiatus anyway, but I've been told that tehkou will begin posting scripts soonish (in the meantime go watch her excellent translation of Zyuranger)
- We've spoken with a few groups that are planning to pick up Kabuto and Den-O fixing from us, at least one of these projects will be a full retl.  Won't say which group, but wanted to put it out there that there's hope.
- Kuuga v3s are in a coma because jeeg has too much shit to do.

Now for the main reason I made this post
These are the raws we're using for Stronger, as of episode 28 onwards, we will attempt to use this whole 'patching' voodoo that OT uses.  Also for the inevitable v2s for the sjutton eps.  So if you wish to become ahead of the curve, dl episodes 2-21, 28-39 for patching purposes.  Or don't, we'll be posting torrents for those releases too, but it's your choice.


  1. I know there's no "Stronger Curse" like there was with Kuuga, but when you guys finish Stronger you will be official legends. Loving the series.

  2. I love you guys for subbing Gavan! I can't wait till you are able to do more episodes. Thanks!

  3. So there WILL still be hardsubs available right?

  4. so the "kuuga curse" still exists in a sense
    damn it i need to now what the hell those grongi are saying

  5. Hi, I was just curious as to what font you guys used for the subs of Den-O whenever the Imagin were speaking? (: