Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gavan 5

In this episode Gavan has to stop a plot to bring about nuclear war while being half dead.

Yeah I know we promised a batch, but with this fileserve thing we only had time to up 1 file last night, we picked the new one, we'll get to the batch and the mp4 and such when we can. Enjoy.

05 mkv
05 script

Before anyone else starts bitching about things, check the date this was posted on.


  1. Sorry about this but, when i downloaded this i was excited but when i played it i was like "wtf" then i laughed an forgot that it was april fools day!

  2. are you going to use the other download site besides wupload?


    May want to look at this

  4. After fileserve and wupload bowing to the will of the gods, may I suggest using ddlanime as an option for the mean time:

    It has decent DL speed but being a new kid on the block, it has some technical problems.

    1. What they need is a site that's database is out of country and will allow them. Check with Over-Time, ask what they use.

    2. You mean like MegaUploads was?

      Personally I'm waiting for all this to settle down again so I don't have to upload shit eighty times before something sticks.

  5. wupload is dead.....

  6. wupload is dead now, would you mind to reupload in another DDL? mediafire/filepost/ ... ? thx