Thursday, March 29, 2012

Abaranger Episode 5

I don't really have anything I could possibly add to this image.

mkv 05

mp4 05

script 05

Also it's been a while hasn't it? First gust goes on vacation, then mak goes on vacation, then the .iso ended up being corrupted, it was like someone didn't want us releasing this show. Big ol' thanks to everyone in Team Aba © for soldiering on and putting up with me.


  1. Oh man! So good to see you guys back! :D

  2. Tanks for another episode of Abaranger! And, can you guys reupload the episode 2 and 6 of Ultraman Hayata? I just need these two to finish the serie. Can be the raw or anything else. Well, tanks again and keep up the good work!

  3. Awesome. Can you reupload episode 4?

  4. Hum let's pretend i didn't said anything i just saw the post about the re up lol

  5. Sweet! Thank you. As a minor note, I am pleased you guys realize it does not make one more 'authentic' to not translate 'Gattai' as 'Combine,' among other things.