Friday, January 20, 2012

MegaUpload gone and what this means for MCS

So, as you've probably seen everywhere, MegaUpload is dead and gone (and trust me, it's not coming back). Seeing as you've probably seen this everywhere already, I won't bore you with the details.

Moving on to the point of this post, what this means for MCS. As you may or may not know, we used MU for quite a few of our uploads and it was an integral part of our MultiUpload links. Those are now dead.

What we need now is your help. We will try to reupload everything but we're not perfect and might miss some things. If you see any we've missed feel free to let us know in the comments section of this post! Though if you have the files and feel like reuploading them yourselves, we would be ever so grateful. Reuploading is secondary to our new releases though, so don't expect everything to be back up all that quickly.

Thank you for putting up with my rambling and for following our releases.

EDIT: Just a heads up that some of our releases are going to be delayed a bit as we scramble around like idiots trying to fix things.


  1. Those of us over here at Luurah Productions were busy as well, I contacted Luurah himself about it and got us a multiupload account set up. After everything, I finally got to my bed at just after 1am EST, I've only had 7 hours (aprox) of sleep...

  2. I think I have your V1 releases of Kuuga, though I might be missing 1-6 because I usually delete videos after I watch them.

    1. 1-6 have V2's, so no need to reupload those.

  3. Sir Duke of Mein SquareJanuary 20, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    EPs 2-2 of Kuuga V2
    Eps 2-6 of Kabuto
    Eps 7-10 of Stronger

    And a few others. I'll upload them when I have the time mein square.

    1. It looks like the mkv link for Da Garn 11 is completely dead besides the Megaupload portion.

  4. How about this:

    1. Yeah, that's fine if you like going to phishing sites.

  5. The joke is I was grabbing all of Ultraman but episode 6 isn't available on MF or the torrent so I was just going to grab the V1 of it instead.

    Those links are on MU.

    UNIVERSE!!!! *shakes fist*

  6. I'm gonna take this opportunity to make new hardsubs for the abaranger eps we lost and make them not xvid mp4s. So no one reup the avis for Abaranger.

    also I'm going to be upping changeman for /m/ so I will need someone else to reup tiga, but I will try to seed the torrent to help anyone out.

  7. All the .avi Kuuga V1 episodes are on
    Aren't we lucky TVN are a bunch of slow bastards now.

    You have to register to actually look at/download them, but its free so whatever.

  8. Hey I just got into the Rider series after watching Kabuto. I stumbled upon you guys when I was looking for Kuuga. I managed to download the episodes you have on torrent and while the subtitles work I found that the dialog spoken by the bad guys is untranslated. I couldn't find a place to ask this question so I'm doing it here.Is the audience supposed to 2nd guess the dialog or am I missing files that translates them? I'm using VLC as my player and have been enjoying the show I just wish I knew what the baddies are plotting

    1. In the original run of Kuuga, there were no subtitles for the Grongi language in the first episode. In later re-airings they were included apparently. You can find them pretty easily, though they are a tiny bit spoilery.

    2. Check the V2s if you want to see the Grongi language translated.

  9. sweet! I guess I'll into it thanks a lot!

  10. to anyone that work in this site STOP uploading files for moment since many many fileservers are closing fileserver and filesonic and many other delete everythink that you will but there arent any safe site for now

  11. Talk to the owner of this site:

  12. how about bayfiles? from the founders of thepiratebay, only this time it's legit.

  13. Da-garn mkv links that are still alive:

    1 (dead)
    2 (dead)
    3 (dead)
    4 (dead)
    5 (dead)
    6 (mutliupload DDL/upload here/upload king)
    7 (dead)
    8 (dead)
    9 (dead)
    10 (dead)
    11 (dead)
    12 (wupload/fileserve)
    13 (wupload/fileserve)
    14 (wupload/fileserve)
    15 (wupload/fileserve/uploadhere/uploadking)
    16 (multiupload DDL/wupload/fileserve/uploadhere/uploadking)
    17 (fileserve)
    18 (wupload/fileserve)
    19 (wupload/fileserve)
    20 (fileserve/depositfiles)
    21 (fileserve/depositfiles/zshare)

  14. is currently acting as a suedo-hosting site for a couple of other Toku sites that heavily relied on MegaUpload. I doubt you would be denied if you sent in a request to host your files there as well. The guy who runs it is currently going through a server upgrade, so it should definitely fit all of your files.

  15. Episode 6 of Ultraman, v2

  16. Meant to reply to this earlier (as in a month ago), but forgot until now. Oops.

    Anyway, I have episodes 1-26 of Ultraman Tiga (I never got around to downloading the rest of them >.<). If you want I can start re-upping the ones I have to MF