Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dekaranger vs. Abaranger V2

So guys, I believe at one point we promised to redo the Abaranger vs Dekaranger movie. Here it is.

Our Rampaging Bro Magenta redid the translation and we worked together with Over-Time for the Dekaranger lines. This will probably be the most definitive version of this movie ever (until we get BD raws or something).

Some credit where it's due naturally:

Magenta - tl (aba focus)
'DekaMaster' HeatMetal - tl (deka focus)
Sjutton & AbareAnon (original release)

Timers: Makhazol, 'Murphy' Ignis (songs), Mystery (original release)

QCs: 'DekaSwan', 'DekaOrange' Alkaid, Lynxara, Kilowog, Misha, ShinkenAnon

DVD source: Frumix

Encoder: Gustavaum

Above all, enjoy this great example of Super Sentai team-ups and look foward to future Dekaranger releases from our bros.

.mkv torrent


edit: Bump and Updated a week late


  1. Any news on Kamen Rider Black Vol. 3?

  2. Anything new regarding Gavan? Or has that been discontinued? Just curious.

  3. Um your media fire account is blocked.

  4. Always good to know. Really sad to hear about Abaranger. It was my first sentai and I watched it raw alongside Jill Sylvan's episode recaps! Was really looking forward to seeing it properly, but it was going slowly anyway, and it's not like nobody'll ever work on it again.

    I hope when you find a new hosting place, you'll put your discontinued series back up, too, or at least anything that's not on KRDL already. And for Abaranger, that includes 9 and 10, even if it's not as shiny as the newer Abas. Anything is better than nothing, and nothing is what we have of most of the series you've worked on, and even the ones that have been... well, at least there's six episodes of Kabuto that aren't filled with random bits of Japanese.