Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Da-Garn Episode 1 - Updated

So, yet another project from us.

This is one of the Brave Series. It's written by the main writer for GaoGaiGar. In fact, this show is the reason he was handed the reigns for GaoGaiGar.

So, yeah. Enjoy it.

Here's the v2 with new raw:

MP4 -

Thanks to Kou for TLing.

Have a link to her site:

Thanks to chirlind from /m/subs for pretiming.

Also, thanks to sgtkira and HS for helping with this.

Kuuga Episodes 02 and 03 V2

It's time once more for some V2's of Cool Guy.

kuuga mkv

kuuga avi

kuuga script

grongi script

Thanks to heatmetal and gekiknight for helping with these.

Also, we wanted to get you some more Kabuto today, but today is Brazilian Independence Day, so like a good patriot, gust is out getting drunk and murdering the Portuguese. Or something. I assume that's how it works.

Sharivan Episode 2

There is no real explanation for the marching band in this episode, it just kinda happens because I assume there was drugs in the water.

mkv 02

script 02

avi 02