Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kuuga Episode 05 V2

In this episode, Godai finds out about Dragon Form and most importantly, we find out Baduu, the brother of the famous Showa Grongi, is a wisecracking funny guy.

mkv 05

avi 05

script 05

grongi script 05


  1. what is the different between v1 dan v2...?
    i don't get it yet......

  2. Here in Chile, Kuuga was aired whit spanish dub. But only for 25 episodes. I hope you can complete the series.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english

  3. with you guys redoing Kuuga, in order to put in the subtitle Grongi stuff, what does this mean for the series as it already stands with the fansubs you've done already? cuz I'm not sure if I can wait however long its gonna take you guys to do that for the whole series.

  4. are you guys gonna continue doing the grongi sub? one of my friends is a big fan of Kuuga and he really hope for the complete Kuuga subtitles which translate the grongi language.