Thursday, October 13, 2011

Abaranger Episode 2

This episode features AbareBlue punching a child in the face.




Thanks to magenta, lynxara and gustavaum.


  1. Just as heads up, but none of the links are working.

  2. The link for the avi version is dead :(

  3. You will also reupload the avi version or just the MKV version and the script?

  4. avi was still uploading.

    Just replaced it.

  5. Could I request you to put avi version on mediafire? My country blocks access from Megaupload T_T

  6. > Lige

    Wouldn't it be better to use Lije? Considering there's also Lijewel later on. (Unless you guys are gonna use Ligewel but, that just looks awkward).

    > Bocha
    I'm pretty sure it's Voffa(or Boffa) not Bocha. The dude's name sounds nothing like the honorific title, Bocchama.

  7. Anon: With Lige, they're actually spelt differently in Japanese. Lige is 'rije', and Lijewel is 'rijueru', so that's an excuse to switch later. Japanese is phonetic, so sometimes two things that are pronounced the same but spelt differently in English can be referred to with the same kana. In this case, Lige's name is probably a triple pun on 'Liege', 'regen' and 'negligee', her chosen form of dress.

    Bocha's name is a reference to Bach. The JP for Bach is 'Bahha', and Bocha's is, well, 'Voffa'. The thing is is that B/V and F/H are interchangeable in Japanese, so while the names look nothing alike to our eyes, the Bach pun is very evident in Japanese. I wanted that to shine through more than I was attached to the pronounciation - leaving the 'a' on the end was kind of just to make the desync between what's written and what's said not quite as grand. In terms of what the name is trying to be, it doesn't actually need to be there.

  8. hehe...still patiently wait for this series to sub finish, because i need the watch it and i can only download it through torrent since my line here is not stable for direct download =D