Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Da-Garn Episode 6 - Updated

This episode shows that the best cure for boredom is going to the other side of the planet to watch some Formula 1 racing.

 Here's the v2 with new raw:

MP4 - MEGA link


  1. I hate to disturb you (again!) but the sound issue is back. I think you're right, though. It must have something to do with whose equipment constructs it.

  2. yeah, kira and I seem to be using different methods in our hardsubbing.

    Curious though, I'd just try the softsubs if they both you this much.

  3. Soft subs? I'm afraid I am unfamiliar with the term.

  4. know what? Since I'm in a generous mood, and you seem like a nice person, I'll try one more time for the next release, if it works, I'll go back and do the other eps, if it doesn't that uses up all the effort I am willing to put into this

    sound good?

  5. I want this project to work, so I will not complain anymore and inhibit your work.

  6. I am dreadfully sorry for nagging you like this, and if you feel that my issues are worthy of stopping the project, then I will not state them anymore.

  7. There are many other Brave series fans out there, and I will not let my own complaints become their disappointment, so please, don't drop it.
    If it doesn't work on my computer, so be it! At least I will be satisfied with the fact that you will be working on it.

    I wish you nothing but good luck with further episodes

  8. fixed avi