Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kuuga Episode 01 v2

It's finally time for version 2 of Kuuga. Now with non-shitty timing.

Also, by popular demand, it now includes Grongi translated. The .mkv has two subtitle tracks muxed into it. The first track which is selected by default just has Japanese translated. The second track has both Japanese and Grongi translated.

I cannot stress enough how much foreshadowing and spoilers the Grongi track has in it. Fair warning.

mkv 01 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B6CEZCAE

avi 01 http://www.mediafire.com/?ptq3dp7uerbo1ul

Script 01 http://www.mediafire.com/?npznlypr1c6pz4c

Grongi Script 01 http://www.mediafire.com/?7jmpjrwiy9old3k

Also, here. Have some promos.


Thanks to

ARDM, Nerefir and Luis Alberto Bedoya Tello for the raws.

fantasyleader and heatmetal for the Grongi translation.

GekiKnight for timing.


  1. Thanks so much for doing a second pass on this and adding the Grongi subs as an option.

  2. Hey, because you do not put captions tokusatsus that has not rolled on the Internet?

    would be much better, alas our mission happen faster! Think about it. Hug!

  3. Yeah when i tried the .avi version I couldn't get any sound, do you think you could reupload the .avi version with a different encode of the sound if possible?

  4. anyone else have that problem with the avi?

    also what did you just say first anon? If your native language isn't english just type in your native language.

  5. I've got no audio on the avi either, fwiw.


  6. nah still shitty lol

    midnight fail

  7. @anon: k

    @ other anon: what are you playing it on? Hmm, went directly from the vob and used the same way of encoding sound as I do for every hardsub... Curious...

  8. Wow! Really wanted to see this with the Grong Subs. But, how do you discover what they're saying?

  9. If you mean me, I was using MPC, if that clarifies anything.


  10. you guys make me go insane thank you

  11. "nah still shitty lol

    midnight fail "

    Get some sun, Takenoko.

    "Wow! Really wanted to see this with the Grong Subs. But, how do you discover what they're saying?"

    It is cipher that has long since been cracked.

    Just takes time and patience to translate it.

  12. Realmente gracias por estos caps con los subs grongi.

    yo planeo hacer un fansub de kuuga y me gustaria que sacaran msa caps.

  13. Do you have any intentions of v2'ing the other episodes with the Grongi script?

  14. Yes.

    Our TL for it just had a important project for school to do first.

  15. Anon Espanol - go for it

  16. Thank you for doing this. Umm... I have a problem trying to extract the font (I guess it's for the Grongi speak), so I'm hoping if you guys could maybe post it up as a separate download. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks again.