Thursday, June 9, 2011

Abaranger vs Dekaranger


From AbareAnon.
Wasn't planning on since it had already been done by TV-N. But then I downloaded their version and watched a couple of minutes. I noticed that they've translated things incorrectly, I simply assumed that they've done it through the whole thing and decided to translate it.

So, yeah. Enjoy.


  1. Do you have any examples of bad translations in the other subtitler's version?

  2. Again, I didn't watch the whole thing of TV-N's version. I'll probably not watch their version any time soon, but I have a few examples that I remember.

    At the start, Umeko says "Let's arrest those strange creatures" in TV-N's version. She's actually saying "器物破損で逮捕よ" "We are arresting you on the charges of destruction of private property) 器物 is pronounced "kibutsu", there's a word pronounced ibutsu which means "foreign substance/object". They might have misheard, but it's still missing the word "destruction". Ibutsu is also mainly used for a sexual term about inserting something that's not a penis up someones butt.

    When Trinoid No. 0 first appears, they explain that he was supposed to be No. 1, TV-N didn't include that part and simply wrote that he was just Trinoid No. 0, with no explanation why he is No. 0.

    At the end, Suke says that Doggie used to always come to earth in TV-N's version. Suke actually meant that Doggie had just arrived on earth.

    I'm just assuming that there are more errors. I might be wrong.

  3. Aww, why get into the whole "slagging off TV-Nihon" thing? It's so immature and disappointing. The english-speaking world isn't exactly overflowing with tokusatsu fans, so it seems to me like "basic politeness" is a better approach than "maximum faceache". Most of your visitors on this site will also use TV-N.

    I'm not saying your assessment of their sub is wrong, I'm just saying that pissing and moaning and acting superior isn't very cool. Makes you seem jealous.

  4. I don't what to make this into an arguement or anything, but 'jealous' how? I wasn't trying to mean any harm towards TV-N, if it seems like it, I apologize. TV-N is actually a great group, I respect them and what they have done even though I don't always agree with them. They have been around for a long time and they are still going. As you said, the tokusatsu community isn't big in the west and the fact that they are still here is great.

    Everyone makes mistakes when translating, I'd love to see people point out the mistakes I've made. But no one seems to do that and the mistakes just lie there forever.
    The only reason I pointed out that they had made mistakes is because I wanted people to be aware of it. I thought that, if people didn't know that, they might think "Oh, I've already seen it translated. No point in watching it again"
    If they are aware of it, they might give it another chance.

  5. "Aww, why get into the whole "slagging off TV-Nihon" thing?"

    Because it's easy. Because they're awful.

  6. Thanks for the reply both of you! Nice contrast.

    AbareAnon, I take your point re:corrections, and I meant what I said literally not offensively, as in "it might seem like player hating just cause they've been around for aeons."

    Personally if I like a show and there's more than one version, I'll re-watch a different version if the video quality's about right, same if I read a translated book, or scanlated as opposed official manga et cetera. Each different version gives a slightly different flavour

    Abigail, yes I know slagging people off is easy. I gave it up years back, and honestly I don't miss it. I see it as a bad habit, but then again, I haven't given up cigarettes after like 20 years, so what the fuck do I know?

    Peace, keep fighting the good fight.

  7. Isn't this supposed to be Deka vs. Aba, not the other way around (just wondering)?