Thursday, July 22, 2010

Obligatory who we are post.

We are Midnight Crew Subs. Pretty much just a bunch of guys that got tired of waiting for certain shows to get subbed and decided to do it ourselves.

Our main project for the moment will be Kamen Rider Kuuga, which we will be starting from episode 13.

Why 13 and not from the beginning you may ask? That's because there's already perfectly fine subs from SCS Works for 1-12. I recommend that you go check them out.

Now, we are pretty new to subbing in general so any feedback would be appreciated.


Abigail - QC, Timing, Encoding
Zetta - Translation, Timing
Ryoma - QC


  1. Hi,I was wondering, what version of kamen rider you guys subbing from? because I can assist if you can get me the canto subs.

  2. HK is all I know.

    If we need the help we will be sure to ask though.

  3. Just to avoid confusion.

    We're using the timing from the HK subs, retranslating everything and then fitting the new translation inside the HK subs timing by rewording things and splitting them.

    We're not cleaning them up. We're just using the timing as a mean to an end.

  4. I understand that SCS has subbed Kuuga 1-12 already and I have there 5-10 episodes, but 11 and 12 are only available either in 2 parts or on torrents. is there anyway you could do those or are your minds made up?

  5. Hey, I totally read this post of utter awesomeness ;)

  6. Hi there,

    I'm shocked that finally I can found Kamen Rider Kuuga here.

    I have just one question for now. Is this link ( yours? And why there are also Kamen Rider Kuuga 1-12 since you said that you (MCS, right?) just create Kamen Rider Kuuga from episode 13.

    Thank you very much for the response. :)

    *uh oh, it's difficult to comment on Blogger now. you also can respond to my email: sena_suzuna[at]yahoo[dot]com - sorry for the inconvenience*

  7. i read it!
    and many thanks to you all, guys!