Monday, July 18, 2016



A kind soul uploaded them to ADC and our beloved spiritual sister, Bunnyhat, is making raws with them and directly uploading to our ftp as she goes! She is truly going above and beyond, going as far as to actively use the BD footage to reconstruct certain special features.

With the current lull in working on DVD Batch 3  (my friend in Kobe who was translating the signs quit on me so I'm asking weeaboo shogun to help out but we'll have to wait for him to get free time), I am working on applying our subs on the blu ray raws.

So some important things to note:
-We won't be doing a torrent *just* yet, but I will be making a new MEGA folder as I upload them.

-We have decided to retire the DDLs for the DVD releases and will be slowly phasing then out (ie. When the MKV and MP4 of episode 1 BD goes up, I will take down ep 1 DVD, and so on)

-We have FINALLY recruited a typesetter. So the Blu Ray releases will actually have competent typesetting :V

-Regarding the ep 1&2 "movie": We just got this timed. Don't expect it until after DVD batch 3 is out and work on DVD Batch 4 begins.
EDIT: Our original translator, Zetta, has agreed to very briefly come out of retirement to tl this once he finishes an important move in the coming months!

-Regarding the special features:
I can promise without hesitation that we will be doing the Battle Selections as well as as many promos as possible and the creditless OP/ED videos.
We will, sadly, most likely not be doing the interviews or the data files as I don't think any of the tls I know would have the patience to do them. Not for free anyway.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kuuga 1-25 v3 Batch Torrent

Only minor tweaks made, if you have bandwidth limits dont bother with this if you have the old ones unless you want to help me seed this! :)

Regarding the grongi subs:
First sub file has the grongi language in a subtitled cipher you can crack if you wish, the 2nd sub file has the grongi language in plain english. The grongi subs do contain spoilers for future events and are recommended for people who have completed the series who want a slightly different experience during a rewatch.  The hardsubs are the former by default to remove any change of accidental spoilers

EDIT: I've been told the signs in the 60fps file are way off center, HERE are corrected scripts with the signs centered.  The script folders below have been updated with these script.

DDLs - MEGA folder
Torrent -

60fps MKVs
DDLs - MEGA folder
Torrent -

DDLs - MEGA folder
Torrent -

Regular DVD
Grongi subbed DVD
60fps DVD
60fps Grongi subbed DVD

Translation - HeatMetal (1-12, All Grongi) & Zetta (13+)
Additional Translation - Bergelmir
Timing - Corin
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - Jeeg, WeeaboShogun, Tom Constantine & Starseeker

Regarding the next batch:
As for the 26-38 batch, Bergelmir is still going over the files I sent him and I don't think heat will get to me about the grongi subs at least until Amazons is done (which is less than a month, so that'll be our best case scenario)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kamen Rider Stronger 32-39 Batch + NEWS


I'm gonna level with you, the full v2 batch of Stronger isn't coming anytime soon.  The main thing holding us up is a member of our team being very busy with other sub projects as well as IRL stuff.  But it's been put off so much, I figure you at the very least deserve batches for the eps that up to now only had DDLs and individual torrents.  Yeah, I know, too little too late. But here.

MKV Torrent -
MP4 Torrent -

DDLs and Scripts have been up on our Download page for the past year -


Our Downloads page has been completely overhauled in terms of content.  What you see is what we intend to keep alive. As such:
- We've dropped all support for our Kabuto scrubs. This includes the Decade two parter. 
- We're dropping DDL support for Abaranger (aside from the Deka vs movie since that is a collaboration with Over-Time, who is subbing Dekaranger), but will keep the torrent as alive as possible since, whatever personal issues happened between us, I stand by Magenta's work on the series and want to not let those files die.  So if anyone wants to check them outm they can.
- I'm putting Sharivan back up on our MEGA.

Kuuga v3
Two things:
- Batch 3 is at the penultimate stage before release, this may take a while due to Bergelmir and HeatMetal's personal schedules, but I will endeavor to make the wait as short as possible once they hand in their part to me.
- I have gone over the scripts for 1-25 again to make them consistent with any changes we made in 26-38.  I am waiting on ONE line to be discussed between our translators before I make a full half series batch for Kuuga.

ZX v2
 Only thing keeping this from happening is the return of the teammate we're waiting for on Stronger

v2s (for video quality) straight up will not happen unless someone gives BunnyHat some DVD9 rips for this series

- Hybrid Insector is considered dead until a friend of ours pops back up who hasnt been on skype for literally years.  I'm kind of worried abotu him.
- SPIRITS is still on hold until I can get someone from Happy Scans to ok the project.

So despite all these delays, I do in fact have some secret projects.  Project Alpha and Heta which will be released under the MCS banner, and Project Chi which I will be assisting another group with.  Projects will be kept secret so as to not cause undue anticipation and to not distract from our main projects.  If you follow me on twitter, you can probably guess what 2 of these projects are anyway.  But if you want a hint:
1 of these projects is a complete resub of a series completed by another group, will be done in a batch. I wouldnt expect this anytime soon.
1 of these is a very short project that is less than an hour and only needs to be QCd
1 of these is a series that has not been fully subbed.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Masked Rider Kuuga 23-25 V3 (+15,16,22 V3.2) Release

 Sorry again for the delay.  The translation issue that caused me to leave 23-25 out of the last release persisted as I looked around for a second opinion on it.  In came @WeeaboShogun on twitter, who agreed to look it over and came with a decision everyone was happy with.

And since this was late, decided to piggyback some ...V3.2s(?) to the release.
15 - Added some missing lines, changed the wording of a scene, and added subs for what the Gouram is saying.
16 - changed the wording of a line that was bothering me.
 22 - Added subs for what Gouram is saying

Translation - Zetta
Additional Translation - Bergelmir & Weeaboo Shogun
Timing - Corin
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - ARDM, UK Windom Anon, Starseeker

Links removed for being outdated, go here for new ones -

Friday, December 25, 2015

Masked Rider Kuuga 1-22 V3 Release


Yeah sorry for the massive delay.  Some of that was resting on our laurels, some was miscommunication, some was waiting on one person to do a thing and some was just bickering over minutiae.  But the important thing is we're here.

Initially this was supposed to be a 1-25 torrent but a very tricky phrase to translate is in 23-25 and the native speaking friends I've been consulting with dont entirely agree on what to use.  I hope to have a mini batch for 23-25 done in a week or so but didnt want to prolong releasing 13-22 any longer.

I made certain changes to 1-12 here and there as well as muxing in both versions of the script.

Grongi ciphered version is the default in the mkvs, with the Grongi translated version muxed in.  Hardsub is cipher only, I have no intentions of making a hardsub of the translated version at this time.

This release also has an option for bunnyhat's 60fps raws, for those really into video. (Hardsubs are of the regular 30fps release)

THE BATCHES I POSTED ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER WILL NOT WORK WITH THESE TORRENTS. Replacement patches will come at a later time (maybe)

Translation - HeatMetal (1-12, All Grongi) & Zetta (13+)
Additional Translation - Bergelmir
Timing - Corin
Editing, Distro, Hardsubs & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Raw Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - Jeeg, WeeaboShogun & Starseeker

Links removed for being outdated, go here for new ones -

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kuuga 1-12 - Decoded Grongi Scripts

A while back I said I wouldn't be posting the fully decoded Grongi scripts until someone crackled the code.  Well, it tooks a while but @jonrainer on twitter successfully cracked the code and sent me proof, so I will be honoring my promise.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Masked Rider Kuuga 1-12 V3 Release

Links removed for being outdated, go here for new ones -

Well this took way too fucking long to happen, didn't it?  Seems that in the past... years (holy shit) that the Kuuga rerelease project was being planned out, due to various reasons it always boiled down to me looking over the first 6 eps over and over and over.  So not only getting past those first 6 eps, but the first 12 is a big step that can't be overstated.  If all goes we'll be done in a year!

I truly cannot thank all the people who assisted with this project enough.  Each one has gone above and beyond in every way.

Translation - HeatMetal
Translation Assistance - Bergelmir
Timing - Corin
Editing, typesetting & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - Jeeg, starseeker

Grongi language is fully translated, although it is in code.  I am not providing a translation of the code yet as knowing what the grongi say will spoil major plot developments for first timers.  I will more than likely do a dual sub release later on.

Cipher is by the person who made the Overlord language cipher for Aesir's Gaim subs.  She decided to experiment a bit so it's not quite a 1 to 1 cipher.  So have fun decoding it![/actually not sarcasm].  Feel free to post your results in the comments if you wish.

edit: OK, YOUR COMPLAINTS HAVE BECOME ANNOYING ENOUGH TO MERIT AN OFFER!  If someone can crack the grongi code, and post it here in the comments or send it to me on twitter (@UselessMoron), I will post the grongi translated scripts here.  Best compromise you're going to get out of me.  SO GET CRACKING!!!

edit2: @jonrainer on twitter has successfully cracked the grongi code, so I have edited it the grongi tld scripts!

I am not a typesetter, I have no experience with it.  I have never purported to have experience in it.  But the fact of the matter is that no one I knew with the ability to typeset well was available to help me period.  So I had to make do.  A few friends were able to provide me with some templates and advice but again, I have less than zero experience with this.  So I truly apologize for the sloppy nature of some of these signs, hopefully it does not detract from your enjoyment of the series.

Important backstory some of you may not know:
When the founders of MCS released the V1s back in the day, they started from episode 13 as another group (SCS-Works) had released the first 12 eps.  When the series was fully translated there was a demand for these first 12 eps to be retranslated, but having just released almost 40 eps in a matter of weeks, Zetta, the translator said 'fuck no' and with no recourse Abi just grabbed SCS' release, slapped them onto some HK timing and released it as their own. (Yes, I did indeed do this. I personally blame burnout all around (Note to all subs groups out there now and groups that may form in the future, do not sub what amounts to more then an episode a day, with a peak of SEVEN in one day for a month straight if you have any plans of doing subbing long term.) and the fact that out of the original three members, only Ryoma doesn't count as a sociopath. -Abi.)

The problem (aside from the sketchy nature of the act itself which I'm not even going to begin to defend) was that SCS-Works apparently were a fraudulent fansub group. (Whoops! -Abi.) Several of our acquaintances in the toku fansubbing community have looked over the scripts and informed us that they are without a doubt HK fixes.  Now with these being the first 12 eps and the first almost everybody would watch, well you can see how this would taint the way people perceived the rest of the series, assuming that if the first 12 eps were a fraud then the entire project is one as well. 

I guess in a sense we brought this on ourselves, even despite well respected people in the community vouching for the subs for episodes 13 and up, the stench of the accusation is something that many a troll would hang onto as a way to cheapen the achievements and dedication of the founders of MCS.

Hopefully having the first 12 eps translated by an outside and very well respected source will be the first step to having that put to rest.  If not that's up to you, but just don't be a jerk about it is all I can ask.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ryuki HBV: Ryuki vs. Agito v2

A Deep Breath Within the Everlasting Flames
mkv DDL: MEGA link
mkv torrent:
mp4 DDL: MEGA link
script: MEGA link

Now with 100% less shitty video!

Quick Update on Things

Yo, Kilo here.  I know it's been a while so I'm giving you folks some updates.

 Let me get a big one out of the way, due to a combination of priorities and just a lack of storage space on our accounts and whatnot WE WILL NO LONGER BE KEEPING THE LINKS TO ULTRAMAN (1966) ACTIVE
This includes all of our DDLs and out ability to seed the torrents.  We will still keep the torrent up on our nyaa account so if any fans out there want to seed it for their fellow fans, please feel free to do so.  But we will not.  THIS ALSO APPLIES TO OUR SCRUB PROJECTS (KABUTO/DEN-O/THAT ONE EPISODE OF DECADE).

- We are aware that there is a new, not horrible raw for Ryuki vs Agito, expect a v3 to go up soon after this post.

- Our joint release of Dekaranger vs Abaranger is on OT's irc bot for quick downloading.

Kuuga V3s - ACTUALLY BACK ON TRACK, EXPECT A BATCH OF THE FIRST DOZEN EPISODES WITHIN A MONTH. I AM NOT SHITTING YOU.  Subsequent batches will hopefully come out soon after and we can get this show done in v3 format before the new Star Wars comes out.

Stronger v2s -Waiting on timers to finish up.  Then it's on jeeg to make all the edits that have been bugging him.

Da-Garn v2s - Not happening until we get DVD raws.  If someone would like to share, please let us know.

ZX v2 - waiting on jeeg

Hybrid Insector - I'm gonna call this one dead, guy who disappeared with all the material to finish the series doesn't seem to be coming back.  Guess all we can do is appreciate what could have been, much like Hybrid Insector itself.

Kamen Rider SPIRITS - HappyScans won't return my messages.  That is literally the only thing stopping the project from continuing.

Ultraman Tiga v2 - waiting on timer

SECRET PROJECT A - Not dead now.  Will be progressing in secret to ensure no hiccups occur and that if it dies again no one will be unduly disappointed.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Meditations on a Strong Man...

Since this is the last episode of a series that has taken years to release, I asked (or attempted to anyway)  pretty much every person who was involved in this project if they'd like to say a few words regarding their thoughts on this series and working on it.  So without further ado:

HeatMetal - Founder of Over-Time, Translation checking for last dozen or so episodes, Coolest Dude in Town
stronger is good even though his costume is weird

Steel A Jeeg - KITsubs co-founder, Lead Editor for post-sjutton eps, occasional timer, old person
"Jeeg may have won the battle, but the war still rages on. Onward down the endless road of battle."

sky79 - Timing & Lead Translation episodes 23-39, translation checking for 1-22 v2s
Something about Stronger? Hmmm.. actually I think it's one of the borest KR series. Especially in the middle, when they revived Titan. But on the other hand, it shows some good scenes, when "villians" are fighting (or at least they try) between themselves for the position they have (or which they could have). I was disappointed when they showed Tachibana as comic chara. .mean, he doesn't deserve it. He is someone, who fought with all Riders after all, so I thouhgt it's somehow

And Shigeru .. he alone is a chara, I wasn't sure how I should feel about at beginning. Sure, he is hero, who protects the world, but the way he uses is a little too "showy". Like he thinks, no one is better than him. But there is something heroic about him. Would you be able to remodel yourself for the sake of your friend? Or something else? He threw all his life away, since the result was him being a cyborg. What could mean, he is immortal in some sense. So he lives forever, even when all his friends or people he knows aren't here.

And in the end, he stays alone. That's sad, don't you think? I think, the decision to remodel oneself takes courage to do it. In the end, when I knew the actor is dead, I've started to like him. Because, we will never see him like that. The actor is dead. In the last episodes, he was similing so brightly and happy, that I could only cry. We will never see that smile again. And the feeling which he gave with his smile at that time was really nice for me.

What I am thankful for is, that this serie brought all the Riders together. This is something I like. I still think the Riders are living in one universe so they should know each other. Going Fighting only alone is something I don't prefer. Showing, that there are others fighting with you for the same goal, is the thing I imagine, when I hear the word "Rider".

About Yuriko. I was crying when she died. Really.  It was such sad ending. And something I thought it's useless. Why couldn't she stay alive? It would be nice to see, how are both of them living after the end. Happily ever after? Or living apart, and remembering the fights they fought together? Since they both liked each other, is there a way they could have lived together? This we will never know.

 I'm not sure if I said everything I wanted I've never thought about talking about it

Abigail - MCS co-founder, Editor for first half of series, occasional timer
I truly enjoyed this series. A fun main characer, fun villians, and silly Showa plots come together in a good way and puts this up there with Black as my favorite Showa Kamen Rider series.

It was fun working on what little I actually did to help sub Stronger (which really wasn't much at all to be honest), and I hope you all had as much fun watching it.

I want to give a special thanks to Jeeg and the KitSubs guys for helping us finish this after real life happened. You guys are amazing.

So with that, I end this post of my thoughts that no one actually cares about with this.

RIP Titan and Shadow, you were too good for this world and I really wish you would have got to fight with each other the entire series. Finally, may Stronger continue to fuck with people forever more.

Zetta - MCS Co-Founder. Belgian, Translation checker for episode 1 and first few post Sjutton episodes.
Stronger is a cool guy and I'm happy he's completely subbed.

Ryoma - Editing for first half dozen eps, All around Deutschbag
I never thought I'd see the day where Stronger is fully subbed... also screw you, Cas.

Sandy - Timer involved with v2s of episodes 2-21
As a series, Stronger has a dedicated spot among my favorites of the Showa era. As a hero, Shigeru has a dedicated spot among my favorites, ever. Stronger is an exciting, emotional ride, from beginning to end, and I’m beyond thrilled that it’s finally been completed for everyone else to enjoy. Soar through the sky! 

Bunny Hat - DVD Encoder, timing assistance, master of DVDs

[Don't really have anything to say] other than how much I hate it when Toei uses laser-disc masters for DVD releases.

Kilo - Project Organizer, distro & Editing, useless
I can almost remember it like it was last month when Abi was talking to me about stuff he had going on and I offered to help with a certain project that was giving him minor technical headaches.  I didn't really know what Kamen Rider was aside from references in Kururu Gunsu.  But I just fell in love with the persona of Jo Shigeru.  The actor portraying him had this (to use a now overused phrased), arrogant swagger that exuded strength and confidence.  Along with delightful side characters like Tackle and Tachibana and over the top villains like MISTER TITAN, it started me on this path to obsession with tokusatsu, kamen rider and fansubbing.

I've made friends, I've lost friends, I've lost sleep, I've laughed and cried.  I'm not sure if I'd do it all over again, but I'd definitely be drawn to and etertained by Stronger no matter how my life turned out.

I'm extremely thankful to everyone who... well "assisted" is too light a word to describe all the manhours and effort put into this project, but I'm happy to have known them all and that in the end it wasn't all for nothing and that now lots of people can potentially enjoy this show as much as I did!

Champstice - Timer involved with v2s of episodes 2-21, Irish Person
Stronger is a show of firsts: First time a rider had a powered-up form, as opposed to just having a sound effect play. First time the antagonists truly fought amongst each other, as opposed to the occasional internal quarrel that usually ended with an evil character that appeared only in that episode being killed off. And the first time we had a female Kamen Rider (Frankly, SPIRITS only explained why she wasn't considered a Kamen Rider after she died, not why she wasn't considered one while alive).

At the same time, it's full of the same spirit and energy that makes Kamen Rider so enjoyable to watch. At least to me anyway. I hope everyone that's been watching Stronger since it was first picked up by MCS truly enjoys watching it's finale. And to those of you that plan to watch it at some point, whether it's soon or not for ages:

Honestly, you're in for a treat.