Friday, April 11, 2014

Stronger 33

Nintendo's dark past revealed...

And we're back.  This ep includes more enjoyable Delza Army infighting, followed by some charged up kicks!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Black manga volume 5

I can't really describe it, but there's something I find almost hypnotic about this image...


Our typesetter was having computer problems but I guess he got around that?  I honestly wasn't expecting this to be ready so soon.


Credit to our buddies at Happy Scans, our tl the RedHood and our qc Spaceship Bruce.

*Please note though that this project is from a translation of the chinese edition of the Black manga, so names being different and such are a result of this.*

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kuuga V...2s 1-5

Ok so I'm gonna level with you, the v3s have been hinging on certain people doing me favors, which because of IRL issues aren't going to be happening anytime soon.

BUT because I know you all hate the original raw quality I can't leave you all hanging.  So I'll be going over everything we have, touching them up and releasing remuxes with the new raws from Bunny Hat.

Because these favors fell through... there will be no sign or grongi text translation after a certain point (episode 1 for signs and like ep 5 or 6 for grongi).  I really have no excuses to give in my defense, I just hope this will work as a consolation.

I will be doing these fixes, tweakings and remuxes whenever I have free time from work and be continually updating the folder (so keep an eye on this post every few days so as not to flood anyone's feeds I'll be editing this post every time a new ep goes up).

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Da Garn 46 (FINAL)

It's been a long road, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Endless thanks to KouAidou for translating this show.

Big thanks to chirlind, sgtkira and especially gunlord for timing.

and big shout out to the people who worked on the original sub attempt at #a-classic. Wherever ya'll are, we hope we did ya proud.

and wherever YOU are kira, I hope you're safe... and well...

well the part you all actually care about:

MKV Torrent -
MKV -  MEGA link
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Script - MEGA link

also here are the promised batches
16-46 (mkv) batch
16-46 (mp4) batch
for the sake of completion
1-15 v2 (mkv) batch
1-15 v2 (mp4) batch

If ANYONE has the R2s for this series please contact us so we can release the v2s of the 2nd 'half' of the series.

All links in the our downloads section should be current as well

as a parting gift here's the version of the OP used in the episode

As for the other projects:
 ZX/Stronger - Please stop emailing me, the delay is because of jeeg's irl issues.  I am content to wait so we can release the best quality script possible.

Insector - typesetter just up and left and randomly showed up... again.  I'm really sorry for this, especially since this project started at his insistence.  I'll get on him.

Black manga - volume 5 has just been translated and is in the hands of our qc!
Kuuga v3 - waiting on heat from over-time to translate signs and stuff that weren't translated in the v1s

with the disappearance of kira, the Ultraman Tiga v2 project is dead, as is "Secret Project A".  Guess it was a good thing I never revealed what that was so nobody got their hopes up for it :(

Friday, November 29, 2013

Da Garn 45

ONLY ONE EPISODE TO GO!  I'm gonna seriously miss this show when it's gone.  I'll be off in Mexico for the next week and will post the finale after I get back, but in the meantime make do with Da Garn and co vs Cyan!

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When I return, I also intend to make a final batch for the eps released with the v1 raws.  A little before we lost contact with kira we lost contact with our new raw provider, so the v2s with the new and improved raws cannot continue until we get a new source.  So if you or anyone you know has the R2 dvds for da garn, please go to #SHT on irc and contact someone there and I'm sure they'll be able to help with raw making :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Da Garn 44


In this episode, we bid a final farewell to a pair of persistent Ohboss generals. Yet it's not the end you might expect. Right to the end, Da Garn continues to throw in twists and turns that are not quite the expected tropes, nor are they completely out of the realm of expectation, while still managing to use those developments to continually reinforce the show's thematic whole. Genre writing at its finest.

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Sorry about there being no release last week.  To make up for it expect 45 (the penultimate episode) TOMORROW.

The finale will come a bit later as I will be gone for a week visiting family in Mexico on friday.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Da Garn 43

You don't always expect a kiddy mecha show to have an episode that's all about the protagonist confronting his fear of death, but here it is. The direction in this one is spectacular: from the drawings to the animation to the camera angles to the music to the sound effects to the voice acting to the timing, it all comes together to gut-wrenching effect. Enjoy!

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So this ep's been done on my end for a while now, initial reason for not releasing was me waiting for kira to do his final qc pass before release, but since kira's been declared MIA from the fansubbing scene (hope you're ok :( ), we've decided to press on without him.  Now you may be asking, why did it take you 11 days to release this when the agreed time to release stuff and forget about kira was 11/01?  Well I was distracted by certain things :x

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Black manga volume 4

Woo, 2/3 of the way!  We're getting ever closer to what Fruit Rider writer Gen Urobuchi considers an "amazing" conclusion.

As always huge thanks to our buddies at Happy Scans, our tl the RedHood, our qc Spaceship Bruce and my buddy Bergelmir who always finds the time to answer whatever inane japanese culture or history questions we ever have.

*Please note though that this project is from a translation of the chinese edition of the Black manga, so names being different and such are a result of this.*

edit: oh and Darth Nihilus has finally popped back up and we've put him right to work on finally finishing Hybrid Insector.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Da Garn 42

YOU!  Yes, you!  We're back with more Da Garn!

In this episode: Seiji's dad has a philosophical debate with entropy itself, something incredibly awesome happens, and the ED song is the most inappropriate it's ever been.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ryuki HBV: Ryuki vs. Agito v1.1

mkv DDL: MEGA link
mkv torrent:
script: MEGA link

So here's that thing I mentioned.  A neat quick silly little team up between Agito and the main riders in Ryuki.  I did a few little edits to zetta's original script and completely retimed everything and replaced the song lyrics at the end with kou's translation.

Video is the same old crappy VHS rip since I've been told this has never been put on dvd.  So as such this is mkv only since I'm not going to take a claw hammer to already bad raws for a hardsub.